My amazing family! Such a lucky girl!!

About Dream A Little Dream Photography

My name is Nicole. I have a beautiful family and am a very happy mommy. An arizona native, I love Arizona with all my heart! I know lots of great places to take amazing pictures. A proud ASU graduate - I have both the technical expertise and knowledge to provide stunning images.

I love capturing beautiful moments and creating captivating images. I love all different styles of photography but my absolute favorites are vintage and bright beautiful colors. I bring an undeniable energy to every shoot. I will do whatever it takes to make each image perfect.

Questions?? Please contact me at or 480 518 5953

Maternity Info

Belly Love

Be happy and proud of the beautiful life that you are carrying. You are beautiful and gorgeous! Feeling self-concious? No worries – any and all details you might not be happy with I will ensure are minimized. I know it’s difficult but please try your best to be comfortable in our photoshoot.

Pregnancy causes your basal body temperature to rise between 3 to 5 degrees. It’s true! ┬áSo please bring lots of water or Gatorade. Wear light and breezy clothing that breathes easily and that you are comfortable in.

Props + maternity = great photos! Please bring any cute baby items that you are planning to give to your little angel or that he/she might be wearing. Keep prop ideas in mind before the photoshoot. Not sure what props to bring? We can discuss in detail what your thoughts are OR you can bring them all. It’s better to be over prepared than under!

Maternity pictures aren’t just for pregnant ladies – bring your sweetheart, your children, your family, your pets even! Anyone that’s important to you. We can create a collaborative creative session that you will love!

Being pregnant is truly a magical beautiful time in your life. You will look back at these pictures one day mesmerized by how beautiful you were and didn’t even know it! Congratulations!! Now lets get started!


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